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Entertainment: start with MIC men s team

Entertainment: start with MIC men s team

Entertainment: start with MIC men s team

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    Entertainment: start with MIC men s team
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    There are still dreams in my heart
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    Happy Novel
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2023-02-04 13:21:07
Wang Hao was reborn 11 years ago. Facing the fierce invasion of entertainment culture, he resolutely joined the mic men's group and became the captain of Wang Hao Jianci: "brother Hao is my favorite big brother." Xiao Xin: "thanks to brother Hao's monitoring of my diet, I haven't become a little fat. According to my appearance, I'm firmly in the second place. The first is brother Hao." Yao Yao: "what's the stroke? I don't dare to stroke with brother Hao." Yue Han: "what, brother Hao wants to disperse me?! no, I haven't offended him recently!!"... when all the variety shows were crazy about inviting Wang Hao, Wang Hao said, "don't come here. I just want to be a singer." note: the timeline of this book will deviate and the story will change. Please understand it for those who love mic. The author is a novice, Xiao Bai (this book is written for the mic men's group whom the author admires most. I hope you can pay more attention to them. They are really excellent enough to be called the ceiling of internal entertainment!) strength plus idol... (please continue!!)

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