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That s not how chakra works

That s not how chakra works

That s not how chakra works

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    That s not how chakra works
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    Sue of the Su family
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    Mountain Book
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2023-02-04 13:28:53
Battle of tolerance Yu Shunxing, the representative of the young generation of elite ninjas, also stood in the front row of the Ninja army and directly met uncle ban, who was reincarnated from filthy soil when master Shunyu is ready to drop his fist, he is also ready one palm firmly caught his fist when master ban was surprised the boy's faint voice came over "old man, chakra is not used like this." Mr. Ban directly looked up and laughed wildly: "ah ha ha, interesting guy! Do you want to teach me how to use chakra?" "forbearance · high energy laser gun!" A high-energy laser gun directly pierced his xuzuo Neng if master ban is not satisfied, he must be able to almost evolve all then a multi million degree Celsius ion gun melted his complete body directly Mr. Ban, who had only one head left on the ground, was a little distracted he looked at the indifferent young man and asked, "what kind of Ninja are you?" Yu Shunxing also said calmly, "if you want to learn, I'll teach you."< br> ……

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