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Zhang San s counter attack life

Zhang San s counter attack life

Zhang San s counter attack life

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    Zhang San s counter attack life
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    Qiudao River
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    Woske Novel
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2022-08-05 08:24:40
"The pistol itself is 500:00 and the bullet is 5:00. The power of the bullet fired by the pistol is no less than the meteor dart launched by the elder of Huaqi territory of Tang clan, and even the defense of the Defense Department soul sect can break through." looking at the "Desert Eagle" in his hand, Zhang San was amazed at the introduction of the system interface Zhang San is a jumper, but it's not his first time moreover, he has a good relationship with Tang San in the first generation, he was Zhang San, a disciple of the Tang clan. He learned the unique skills of the Tang clan together with Tang San the second, he was Zhang San, the deacon of Wu soul hall, who was killed by Tang Sany sword in the decisive battle of Jialing pass when he died, Zhang San found that he had awakened the memory of the king of war. His special combat ability was full and his adaptability was full at the same time, he has awakened the "positive energy system". As long as Zhang San continues to take tasks to help others relieve their troubles, he can exchange all kinds of different world props and jump around the world the land of fighting between soul skills and martial spirits, the land of fighting between skills and fighting spirit, the land of elves with swords and magic, and even the world of zombies full of biochemical viruses... fight against Shrek with bibidong, fight against the God of soul with Xiao Yan, fight the devil with the fairy saint, and fight the tyrant with King IDA when the heavens pass through, the strong is the king I, Zhang San, will start from Douluo to travel in the world of heaven!

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