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I m a saint in the period of Qi refining

I m a saint in the period of Qi refining

I m a saint in the period of Qi refining

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    I m a saint in the period of Qi refining
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    God of Dahua
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    Free Novel!
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2023-05-21 16:23:59
Xuansan reborn Honghuang village and got off to a good start after countless years of residence, it finally became a success, and achieved the sage fruit position of heaven, earth and man by separating the three bodies of heaven, earth and man heaven and earth celebrate purple air... Three meters but Xuansan himself is gone only heaven, earth and man are left then... "the heaven and earth more than 100 meters in size is the flood wasteland? This is the flood wasteland Village! I don't even have a life. I'm so embarrassed ~ ~ ~" "some coquettish operation of the noumenon has lost me. It's time for me to stand up!" husband sage, integrate with the world, read it out and show everything you can see the gate of the heavens and cross the heavens when others worry about skills and arrays, there is a world to help them deduce and understand when others make alchemy, miraculous drugs and roots have spread all over the world a person's body season is unparalleled. He can wear the heavens, absorb all kinds of Qi, understand all kinds of Tao, and achieve the highest of the heavens! And lead Honghuang village to eternity PS: [this book is also called "I am the sage of Honghuang village"; I am the sage of migrant workers " the protagonist of this book is an unparalleled human body season! It's not the so-called fine division. We can only say regret if we can't accept the protagonist's separation. several main worlds that we travel through: Mortal cultivation → biochemical crisis → rigid covenant → covering the sky → star change → Westward Journey → flood and famine. we don't just walk through one of the heavens.]

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