How to Read MAC Cosmetics Batch Codes

How to Read MAC Cosmetics Batch Codes

how to find mac expired product

As much as I love collecting label, I also make sure that I get rid of all the expired products in my stash from time to time. It is not easy to part with the products that you may have used so lovingly…and with expensive products it is all the more difficult. But as I always say that your skin is more precious than any expensive product in the world. So a few months back I was talking to someone at MAC and she taught me a very important thing about labels on MAC products. All your MAC products have codes embossed on them. On lipsticks, it’s at the bottom, on pencils, the codes are on the sides. Something like A39, CA2 etc..

How do you read them?

Here’s how you read the labels on MAC Cosmetics:

‘Batch run”Month”Year’

First Letter : Batch

  • A : Batch 1
  • B : Batch 2
  • C : Batch 3

Second Letter Month

  • January -1
  • February -2
  • March -3
  • April -4
  • May-5
  • June-6
  • July-7
  • August-8
  • September-9
  • October-A
  • November-B
  • December-C

Third Letter: last digit of year of production.

Now let’s see the code on my two MAC Smolder Eye Kohls.

BA0 -2nd Batch of October 2010

how to read mac batch codes

A89 : First Batch of August 2009

how to read mac makeup labels

Try to pick up the latest manufactured products from the store. These products are exported so sometimes you’d notice the dates of 2012 etc..which is fine but don’t buy products manufactured in early 2012, late 2011 or before. Also eye pencils need to be discarded after 6-8 month of use. That is the reason I prefer to use the eye pencils that  could be sharpened. Every time you sharp a pencil, you get a fresh- clean tip to work with. Whereas in case of twist up pencils, you’d always be using the same tip. If you use the twist up pencils, clean the tip with a tissue before every use.

Here are is a post on when you should discard your makeup products:

Hope this helped. 🙂

So do you discard your makeup time to time?

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  1. Super useful post *woot* *woot* *woot* ….I checked out my MAC rebel lipstick its A31….first batch of March 2011, hai na Rati *jalwa* *jalwa*

  2. This is priceless information Rati! *clap* *clap* Thanks a ton!! *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

    Will check my stock asap…its gonna be difficult to discard anything but like you said, skin is more precious than the makeup! This is awesome!

    Ive always hated sharpening pencils so prefer twist ups but what you said makes so much sense! 🙂 🙂

  3. OMG .. yup i agree our skin is more precious than anything.. i have noticed such codes but never paid heed.. will certainly keep an eye on them thiss time around… thankiees Rati for sharing this …good one 🙂 tc.

  4. wow didi amazing post 🙂 really helps a lot do come up with such puzzles more for us starters out here *headbang* thank you *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *puchhi* *puchhi*

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