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Ming Dynasty 1587

Ming Dynasty 1587

Ming Dynasty 1587

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    Ming Dynasty 1587
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    Embroider intestines and weave the moon
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    People Books
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On the 15th day of Wanli, Hai Rui was dead, Qi Jiguang retired, Zhang Juzheng's party had been denounced, Shen Shixing was the head of the cabinet, and Li Chengliang was trembling in Liaodong Nurhachi has built a new city on the old camp of Jianzhou. Toyotomi Xiuji is about to unify Japan. The Maritime War between Britain and Spain is imminent. Jesuit missionaries have brought Catholic and Western knowledge in the West warm Pavilion of Qianqing palace, Zhu Yijun, a graduate student of Ming history, woke up from his sleep and found that he had become the 24-year-old Wanli emperor this book is also known as "I am not the God of the Ming Dynasty", "I have become my research object", "field investigation Manual of the Ming Dynasty" and "technical record of saving the late Ming Dynasty"

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