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My apprentice can t be tie Hanhan

My apprentice can t be tie Hanhan

My apprentice can t be tie Hanhan

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    My apprentice can t be tie Hanhan
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    There is divine help behind C
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    18ws Read
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2022-02-03 06:49:56
Lu Zeyu has lost his memory! He had to face the three ultimate problems of life. Who am I? where's this? What am I doing after being brought into the sect by a master called Taoist Chou in the Jianghu, Lu Zeyu found that the sect was a little strange there are only six disciples, but all of them are notorious. After being led astray again and again, Lu Zeyu woke up "no, it's different from what was agreed!" but it's done. Where should Lu Zeyu go in this world where people, immortals, demons and Demons coexist QQ group: 512712984 (Please add friends who like books)

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