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Infinity from the soul of chess

Infinity from the soul of chess

Infinity from the soul of chess

Rating: 9 / 10 from 21101 ratings
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    Infinity from the soul of chess
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    Bright mirror Yifei platform
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    Apple novel
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Chen Anxia has the ability to cross the world, but she needs to complete the world task released by the system to unlock the next crossing gradually, Chen Anxia found that the world she crossed seemed a little different because there are a group of players in the world they travel through the most important thing is that this group of players also mistook Chen Anxia for the protagonist as a result, Chen Anxia was forced to embark on the road of Zhu jiao (BI) chess soul world Tashi Liang "Tashi Xingyang, the first person in the go world, is my father!" jintengguang "Fujiwara sawei, who once turned into a good strategist, is my teacher!" Chen Anxia "I don't have any of these, but I have players from a different world!" ... Conan world Kudo Shinichi looked at the newspaper in his hand and looked unwilling the newspaper reported "Chen Anxia's' Sherlock Holmes in the Heisei era 'and' the Savior of the Japanese police '" ... the world of ghost killing blade the ghost dance looked at Chen Anxia faintly, "young man, you don't talk about martial ethics..." Chen Anxia "??" the players around "??" ... Naruto world Didala "art is explosion!" Chen Anxia "no, only group fighting is the real art" pirate king world red hair "please give me a face!" Chen Anxia "hmm? Please give who a face!" behind Chen Anxia, dark groups of players stared at red hair PS: the expected world also includes tennis prince, fat, death, magic baby, digital baby and dragon ball... PS: this book is also known as "I'm really not the protagonist".

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